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 fortress brewery Duits & Lauret

For a supreme Dutch Beer taste experience...

Our craft brews are made of the purest of ingredients, which are used in balanced and, comprehensively tested proportions. No artificial additives or chemicals have been used.


Our brewery is located in a 19th century fortress called Fort Everdingen.

Actual product range


  • Duits & Lauret Blond, a complex, but extremely refreshing thirst-quencher.


  • Duits & Lauret Extra Blond, a strong, blond beer.


  • Duits & Lauret Double Bock, a wood matured smoked double bock..


  • Duits & Lauret TeVreden 2014, a strong Amber beer.


  • Duits & Lauret Stout, a very complex, dark and full-bodied beer.


  • Duits & Lauret Winterstout, a powerful winter warmer.


  • Duits & Lauret Kiem, a beer which will make you savour spring and summer even more.



Read here a more detailed description of our beer.







Duits & Lauret

Noodweg 2

4121 KK Everdingen

Mobiel Lauret: 06-14251923

Mobiel Duits: 06-29262032

Email: info@duitslauret.com

Website: www.duitslauret.com